The EPD certification that rewards our commitment to the environment

Today, Pasta Sgambaro Yellow Label is one of the Italian pastas with the lowest environmental impact. It has obtained international EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration), created in Sweden by the International EPD Consortium and checked by the CSQA certification institution. Knowing the EPD of a product can help consumers to make eco-sustainable choices. The environmental impact was calculated using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method of analysis.

Pasta Sgambaro Yellow Label has a light footprint
The analysis performed on our products produced very encouraging results: only a very small amount of carbon dioxide is released into the air during the whole production cycle. We can therefore state that our pasta has a light Carbon Footprint.

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Our most important steps to reduce our impacts

  • We purchase most of our durum wheat within an average radius of 148 km from the factory, in line with the Italian Durum Wheat certification parameters.
  • We use only renewable energy sources
  • We have built a mill adjacent to our pasta factory.

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Now it’s your turn

Almost 50% of the environmental impact linked to pasta consumption lies in its cooking. Find out how to save energy in the kitchen and respect an eco-sustainable diet.
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